Daniel Niño de Rivera

Head Coach Renzo Gracie Puebla

Hello my name is Daniel. I am 28 years old and a jujitsu professor from Mexico. I have been teaching jujitsu for 10 years and currently hold the rank of black belt on Brazilian jujitsu first degree. I belong to the Daniri Jiu jitsu team.

In addition to teaching at my own academy

I have a medical degree having graduated in 2018 and have my own private practice.

I currently have over 1.3 million followers on Tik Tok, 103  thousand on Instagram, 463 thousand on kwai 20  thousand in YouTube and 20 thousand on Facebook

Last year I created this virtual academy, which is the first to distrubute virtual instructions in Spanish in over 10 Latin American countries as well as Spain.

My Goal is to make Jiu jitsu available in all the world.

Let´s make your Brand Grow

By working together you can reach your target audience by using the tool biggest companies arround the world use with rappid increase, an Influencer

An influencer is a person who reaches a big segment of the population and haves a good connection with his followers.

It works by the display of a brand and it´s products on the influencer social networks and giving a review about them to his followers thus pointing the bennefits or advantages of consuming said product. 

Want to collaborate with me?

I like to work with people and brands that I trust and give them an agregated value by displaying them on my social networks.

Not just an Influencer

The best part of working with me is that besides the huge impact and reach on my social networks, I´ve adquired experience editing my video and immages with specialized software, added to this I´ve compiled experience working on marketing and social networks which gives a more proffesional detail to my work. 

My trayectory

As a competitor:

  • 25 titles nacional (México)
  • 5 titles IBJJF

As a Professor and Jiujiteiro

  • 10 teaching jiu jitsu
  • Black belt first degree
  • 8 academies
  • President and founder Asociación Poblana de Jiu jitsu
  • Founder of Academia Virtual de Jiu jitsu

Medic, YouTuber and Influencer in Instagram and TikTok

My social networks, the connection to your audience


A platform of short videos with a less than a minute duration.

Its the fastest growing social network of last year full of young people.

My Reach

+1.3 million  followers

2.5-4.5 millon views per month


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The influencers platform ideal for hybrid content, images and videos.

Versatil, this social network offers various methods of reaching your target audiense, stories, posts, reels and IgTv

My Reach

+103 K followers

300K- 1 million accounts reach per month


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Long videos platform which creates an intimate and lasting relationship with your followers.

Considered the hardest platform to grow, this is because your audience has to be really invested with the creator to watch a 5 to 10 minute video. 

My Reach

+20 K suscribers

32-42K views per month

@Daniel Niño de Rivera

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The firs big social media network, today considered by many a pay to play, but still extremly relevant in todays day to day. 

By my academy page I´ve been interacting with my audience for the last 10 years. 

My Reacg

+20 Followes

5 – 20K monthly interactions. 

@Renzo Gracie Puebla

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Contact me!

Ig: ninoderiverabjj

Mail: daniel.ninoderivera@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +52 1 222 793 1277

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